Karen Urwin LMT, MLD, MMP

Below are a few of the more common healing responses that you may experience after your session.

Cold or Flu like Symptoms

Drink more fluid, add in some electrolytes, take a warm bath with epsom salts and light exercise will all stimulate the lymph and relive the symptoms.

Increase in Elimination

Because your lymph system (your water way system) has been stimulated you might experience and increase in urination, frequency and volume. In draining the abdomen it can stimulate peristalsis activity which results in more or larger bowel moments and aid in relief from acute/chronic constipation.

Deeper Relaxation and Sleep

 Lymphatic Drainage targets the parasympathetic nervous system therefore allowing your body to relax, deeper sleep and possibly release old trauma.

Sinus and Ear Drainage

By manually stimulating the lymphatic system it can break down adhesions allowing for more effective drain aging in these areas, potentially allowing for congestion to drain from these areas.

Increase Range of Motion in Joints

By eliminating excess fluid in the body it can decrease swelling/fluid in the joints allows for spontaneous adjustments and increased range of motion.