It is always recommend that three MLD sessions are preformed once a week for three consecutive weeks

Karen Urwin LMT, MLD, MMP


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Karen works from her home in Park Hill in Northeast Denver. Once you have scheduled your appointment, the address will be provided to you.

Is there anything I should do prior to my session?

The lymphatic system is your waste removal system and so you want be well hydrated the day of your session. Increase water intake, electrolytes and warm herbal teas are recommend. Having a light meal or snack prior to your meal can also be beneficial. 

How will I feel after a session?

You might experience detox symptoms such as cold/flu like symptoms. Drinking extra water, warm herbal teas  and taking an epson salt bath should help ease symptoms. Also a nice walk and deep breathing exercises can help ease any discomfort. 

Should I shower prior to my session?

Yes, this will allow you to start relaxing and will lightly stimulate your lymphatic system.

Should I come if I have the cold/flu or any contagious illness?

No, your lymph system is already working overtime to manage the illness and by having a session can possibly overwhelm the system further  causing the illness to worsen or for you to relapse. It is recommend that you wait until your are at least 90% over the illness. Karen is very careful not to expose herself or the treatment room to illness which might inadvertently transmit to someone.